Great North Folk Festival 2017
Programme of Events

Friday 26th May

From 3.00pm  Come All Ye - 'Early Bird Welcome Session' with Tom Patterson & Dave Morton, Chris Milner.

Foyer   Folk

Mel Langton  John Ward Trio  Graham Brotton & Nicky Beckitt
Tony & Margaret Maughan  Peter Taylor  Steve Dawes & Helen Pitt   Chris Milner
Devils Water  Roger Sutcliffe  Bounty Hounds Tom Patterson & Dave Morton

Singaround  Hosted by Steve Dawes & Helen Pitt  Guest:  Roger Sutcliffe

Saturday 27th May

Daytime from 10.00am

Meet The Band Sessions - with John Ward Trio,Bounty Hounds,  Roisin Bann

Workshops: Ukelele with Roger Sutcliffe; Shanties with Geoff Higginbottom
Songwriters Forum with Pete Davies, Toni Bunnell & David Swann
Concerts - Songs from the Old and New Traditions with Steve Dawes & Helen Pitt
Folk Blues with Roger Sutcliffe

Arts, Crafts Face-painting and Family 'Fun' Activities
Craft Stalls throughout the day
Badge Making & Paper Crafts - Drop in sessionwith Wendy Rice
Workshop - Come and try the Appalachian Dulcimer with Mel Langton
Penny Whistle Workshop - Beginners with Maggie Feeney
Family Ceilidh with Blind Panic
The Time Machine with People from the Past

Foyer Folk featuring Toni Bunnell  Geoff Higginbottom  Chris Milner Elaine Palmer
Peter Taylor  Kevin Young/Colleens Fancy  John Ward Trio  One Million Motors

 Workshops - Blues and Finger-pickin with Roger Sutcliffe
Bodhran - John Ward; Fiddle with Master Fiddler Tom McConville

Chris Milner introduces 'Colours Of Wealth' New CD
The Songs of Tom Patterson & Dave Morton

Afternoon Concert
Pete Davies  David Swann  Tom Patterson & Dave Morton,  Elaine Palmer,  Roisin Ban 
Steve Dawes & Helen Pitt

Evening Singaround  Hosted by Tony Haynes
Guests: Chris Milner, One Million Motors and the John Ward Trio

Evening Concert:
Geoff Higginbottom, Tom McConville , Devils Water, Bounty Hounds , Roisin Ban  

Sunday 28th May

Daytime from 10.00am

KFA Song Competitionwith Richard Grainger + panel

Meet the Artists -Fran Wyburn, Tony & Margaret Maughan, Devils Water

Workshops - Shanties with Geoff Higginbottom,  Ukelele with Roger Sutcliffe, Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer with Mel Langton

Craft stalls throughout the day
Arts, Crafts, face-painting and 'Family Fun'Activities
Badge Making and Paper CraftswithWendyRice
Time Machine with People from The Past  
Whistle Workshop with Maggie Feeney

Open Mic mc Chris Milner - come and join him.

'Songs & Tunes Session with an Irish flavour'Colleens Fancy host  with
Guests: John Ward Trio, Geoff Higginbottom & Peter Taylor

'Hot air, blowing through the reeds'(1hr) Steve Turner & Chris Parkinson
Talk about and play their various 'reed'  instruments, including Concertina, Accordion,  Melodeon and Harmonica . Don't miss this one!!

Afternoon Concert:
Chris Milner,  Steve Turner, Tony & Margaret Maughan, John Ward Trio, Bounty Hounds, Tom Patterson & Dave Morton, Roger Sutcliffe

Foyer Folk featuring Devils Water, One Million Motors, People from The Past
Geoff Higginbottom, Tom Patterson & Dave Morton, Graham Brotton & Nicky Beckitt, Appalachian Dulcimers!

Evening Concert:
John Ward Trio, Steve Turner, Song Competition Winner, Rick Kemp, Richard Grainger & Chris Parkinson, Fran Wyburn

Evening Singaround Hosted by Steve Dawes & Helen Pitt
Guests:  Roger Sutcliffe, Maggie Feeney and Geoff Higginbottom

Monday 29th May

Daytime from 10.30am
Time Machine with People From The Past
Song & Music Session with Devils Water and Colleens Fancy

Foyer Folk featuring Peter Taylor, Bounty Hounds, Chris Milner, John Ward Trio
Graham Brotton & Nicky Beckitt, Tom Patterson & Dave Morton, Colleens Fancy
Geoff Higginbottom, Tony & Margaret Maughan, David Swann
Richard Grainger and friends.

Festival ends around 5pm